by and the relatives

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daniel orlando
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daniel orlando I refuse to pick a favorite track, but if you're only going to listen to one song make it lower case.
Michael Beaver
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Michael Beaver A perfect mix of chunky and bright guitar tones. Favorite track: lower case.
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Tom One of my favorite Nashville bands. I needed to hear these songs again.
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songs by and the relatives
recorded at moustache east by eli beaird
mixed/mastered by eli beaird


released November 15, 2008

guitar/keys/vocals: andrew brassell
drums/perc/vocals: patrick rodgers
bass/perc/keys/vocals: eli beaird


all rights reserved



and the relatives East Nashville

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Track Name: cowboy jazz
not another day
in this feral place
i wanna go to the east side
brighten my face

take my ass away
from this flat indulgent plane

there's got to be another way to make a funny face
there's got to be a better way to make a funny face

hyperbole is just a place i go
a phalange on my totem pole
Track Name: animals
bears are back and broke in june
in walks a dog with a man tattoo
i must say i'm a little confused
what you doing just hanging in the street
i'm a sloth who'd you think you'd meet
john titor in the southern heat

everyone i've met has a spark
a grizzly bear in their wild rampant heart
a frantic rabbit that's running
running through the dark

i'm a deer that ain't been shot yet
i'm running clear through my disappearing forest
infinity is not for the best
i get the drift that i might be off
i seen a look and i heard a cough
there's no animal that could make me stop
Track Name: dixie cups
gimme i
need it i
finicky i
need it want it no i don’t
i can’t remember what i owe the world
when there’s an air-conditioned jacket

here use my license i don’t care
have a drink have five while you’re there
relax in your apartment
imagine maid service talk shit
sing a song to yourself
about how much you love your fingers

what kind of person names a neighborhood plantation
kick all the bigots involved in organization
i’ll have a smoke and be on my way
through the heart of suburbia a flaccid day
Track Name: marie
with shoes well-worn follow these steps
into oblivion
i miss your face your fists your shape
but stay away from forlorn

go where the sun is shining
free from chains of binding
the powers that be are no more

last friday your birthday i saw you were walking
little stone carvings my friends and i were talking about
some kind of peace from the ether I felt in a dream
it was neither naïve nor completely blown steam
Track Name: lower case
i’ve seen the sun melt the night sky
i’ve seen the deluge fall on the mightiest of mighty
i ain’t seen no almighty

i’ve seen the caps turn into lower case
i’ve seen a polar bear with sad face
loungin’ on the beach
he ain’t seen no almighty

heat bombs fall on you
making you old news
Track Name: spoon daddy
simple ways simple crimes
simple people in a similar time
a simple song so soothe and croon
a miner’s tune left beneath the moon

convincingly simple people with simple eyes
when thought out loud composed surprise
there will be no merit without first a doubt
no room to build when you’re sold out and proud

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